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Here's a fact sheet with the main points about our clinic in PDF format: 

Meet the Board of Directors

Sue Ertl


Retired UW Health Executive

Dan Schmidt
SCFC BOD Treasurer

Retired Healthcare Executive

Timothy Docter, MD

SCFC Medical Director

Retired SSM Health Orthopedics

Julie Bran

Retired School Administrator

Douglas Dulli, MD

Retired UW Health Neurology

Amy Grinnell

Finance Vice President

Medical Group, Wisconsin

SSM Health- Wisconsin

Anthony Dix

Director, Human Resources

Sauk Prairie Healthcare

Rudy Jackson, DNP

Senior Vice President

Chief Nurse Executive

UW Health

JoAnne McCann

Retired UW Health Nurse

Renee Reback

Emeritus Board Member


Retired Not-for-Profit Executive

Rosie Perez

Regional Vice President

Mission Integration


Maryann Sumi, JD

Reserve Judge

Mary Landry, MD

UW Madison Health Services, OB/GYN

Catherine Lee, MD MS

SCFC BOD Vice Chair


SSM Health Davis Duehr Dean Eye Care

Sheila Martin

Executive Director


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