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Specialty Care For All

Wisconsin has over 160,000 uninsured residents, approximately 25,000 of those living in Dane County alone. And while low income, uninsured patients receive some care at free clinics, many conditions require the expertise of a specialist. Specialty Care Free Clinic (formerly BSP Free Clinic) provides no-cost specialty care to uninsured, low-income patients, allowing the care needed to be healthy, contributing members of our Wisconsin community.

Our address is1409 Emil Street Madison, WI 53713. We look forward to serving our patients! 

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There's a Gap

in the System

While Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Plus system offers care for some low-income Wisconsinites, it’s not for everyone. Even a recently naturalized Wisconsinite would have to wait more than five years to be eligible for BadgerCare Plus. Others may fall into a gap where they make too much for BadgerCare Plus, but not enough to afford insurance. And these are the folks who are providing the backbone of our Wisconsin workforce.

We Can Do Better

At Specialty Care Free Clinic, we believe that healthcare is a human right. And a big part of a holistic healthcare plan is specialty care. That’s why we’ve assembled a caring community of over 90 volunteers to offer these critical specialty healthcare services at no cost.

Here's How We Work

Patients get a referral from one of over 30 primary care organizations in South Central Wisconsin. We work with patients to schedule a time convenient to both patient and physician. Patients get the healthcare they need. It’s that easy.

Be a Part of a Better Wisconsin

Specialty healthcare for all means a better Wisconsin. Help us provide invaluable specialty care for even more of our uninsured population. Consider a one-time or recurring donation today.

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